Month: October 2022

Art & Copy – The Movie

I sat there stunned. Did Silverman really call Hal Riney “the devil”? True, that in the next breath he also called him “the angel” but that seemed grudging — like he remembered he was on camera and that somebody might see it. I backed up the dvd just to be sure. Yep, he said it. […]


Molly McButter

In the mid 80s, Alberto Culver – yep, the company that made VO5 and other hair care products – introduced a butter substitute that would melt when you shook it onto your food. Tasted like butter and less messy. How did the hair company get into food products? Either they set out with that as […]


The Ella Fitzgerald gig

In January 1972 Ella Fitzgerald had a Sunday night gig with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. There were guitar parts on all of her songs, and a few songs that featured guitar intros and solos. I don’t know why, but Erich Kunzel liked my guitar playing. I had started playing electric guitar with the orchestra in […]