Education and Training

I have always taught something to somebody. As a teenager I gave guitar lessons to neighbor kids. In my 20s I taught guitar and bass. In the 80s I was asked to talk to copywriting classes about using music in ads. In ’94 I was asked to teach a class in broadcast copywriting and taught it for 3 years. After a break, I was asked to teach an audio class to web design majors. That led to audio classes for game design animation and advertising majors. After a few years as faculty, I applied for and got the job of Department Chair of the Web department at the Art Institute of CA / San Diego. When Ai added an audio program in 2008, I became Department Chair for that. I recruited and hired 16 of the best audio teachers anywhere, and supervised them until leaving in 2015.

In 2004 as I was looking for a good textbook for my audio class, I thought a book wasn’t the right way to teach audio, so I produced a DVD called Discovering Pro Tools. bought one and hired me to teach their intro to Pro Tools online class. Between and Infinite Skills, I have created titles for Pro Tools and Logic. The most recent title is about using Logic for audio post.