The San Diego Film Consortium held its award ceremony On June 24, 2023 and I won for Best Sound Design. This is a screenshot from the awards telecast which you can view here. Sound Design nominees are at 44:20.

You can watch the film’s director Justin Burquist win his award for Best Narrative Short Film at 01:06:20. Congratulations, Justin – and thanks for making me part of your team.

This job was about 50% dialog sweetening and 50% sound effects. I work in Logic – never for a second considered doing this gig in Pro Tools. For cleaning the dialog I used iZotope RX as a plug-in and stand-alone. For EQ I used the Logic compressors and a Manley Variable Mu as a plug-in. For the drones and airy washes I used the Alchemy plug-in in Logic. For ambience it’s all EMT 250 – my “desert island” reverb.  

Mix for layback V6 is the one in the movie. V1 and V2 were pretty close, then we just kept making little changes to take it up a notch. V1 was June 4, 2022. V6 was July 8, 2022. 

Without giving too much away, some of the footage in this movie runs backward. That’s a real challenge when it comes to sound. Think of a bottle falling off the shelf and exploding when it hits the ground. If you run the footage backward you see the bottle coming back together and flaying back onto the shelf. But that’s not what you hear. I’ll leave it there…

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Logic and my toolbox.

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