Joe Godfrey

I'm a musician, composer, producer, audio engineer, educator and software trainer. I teach a ten-week online class covering Film and TV Scoring and Sound Design at UCSD Extension. I'm a pilot and aircraft owner and perform engine data monitor analysis for piston-powered aircraft. I write a monthly column about what pilots can learn from engine data monitor analysis. I'm a volunteer for several Southern California organizations and charities.

Random Thoughts

on many topics

The Mel Torme gig

Mill Run was a popular Chicago stop back when musical acts travelled around the country promoting their records. I had been in the house band at the Beverly Hills Club and the Lookout House in Cincinnati – playing guitar – before I moved to Chicago. The gig starts with a 3 hour rehearsal, probably on […]


Thoughts on The Voice and other competitions

Three things bother me about The Voice and other similar shows. The first is the glorification of mediocrity and imitation. Granted, every so often they unearth a unique talent, but for every one of those there are a hundred bartenders, schoolteachers and accountants who aren’t that good, and rarely bring something original to the show. […]


The Demise of the Art Institute

I think shadenfreude is taking delight at the misery of others, usually your enemies. I think there’s a corollary where you leave an enterprise – either voluntarily or not – and the thing which was running well when you left then falls apart. It’s a roundabout way of getting a compliment that they couldn’t get […]