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Muting Steve Vai

I was really fortunate to get my foot into the music production scene – aka the jingle business – in Chicago. It was fiercely competitive, and there was plenty of backstabbing to go around, but most of the people I worked with were supportive and welcoming to the new kid. But I had my eye on […]


Touch wins SD Film Award

The San Diego Film Consortium held its award ceremony On June 24, 2023 and I won for Best Sound Design. This is a screenshot from the awards telecast which you can view here. Sound Design nominees are at 44:20. You can watch the film’s director Justin Burquist win his award for Best Narrative Short Film […]


Jerry Goldsmith

It’s Jerry Goldsmith’s birthday and it reminded me of a story. I never met him, but I was in the same room with him – briefly. In 1985 I was new to LA and wanted to get to know the scoring rooms. I had been working at Group IV mostly because (1) Dennis Sands worked […]